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What To Expect

Please note that I provide appointments by video (secure zoom) or phone only.

The first appointment consists of talking about the reasons you are thinking about seeking help and finding out about how you express yourself.  If you are deciding to commit to counselling, you and I will develop a plan of treatment together.  If you are choosing to engage in Art Therapy you should know that I provide a good range of art materials at all times. 

Usually the artwork is done ‘in session.’ This is because Art Therapy is not just about the finished product. It is the process, (how it is made). Also, because Art Therapists believe that emotional material comes out during the artmaking process, it can be important to have the Therapist there to help. I believe that therapy is a negotiation between Therapist and Client. So, some people do bring in their work to discuss rather than making it in session, and some people create in session but don’t talk about their art at all. Some people like to work in silence and then discuss the art. Others like to chat and let their mind wander as they create.

If you are choosing to engage in Art Therapy you should have your art materials handy, near your computer or phone.

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